Product updates

What’s new | Q4 2023

On 9th of February we deployed our biggest release yet, with many new features and enhancements. We didn’t want to wait until April to tell you about them, so we snuck the entire release into this update. As a result, this is a big one….Happy reading!

Issue management (Release)

Issue management is now live! Introducing the new Issues page, where all types of issues and action plans can be managed from one central location. The Issues page support logging and tracking of (security) incidents, control gaps/deficiencies, audit findings, opportunities for improvement, and their related action plans. Issues can now be created directly from Activities, Controls and Assets. And, we upgraded the UI to make it even easier to modify and track Issues.

Microsoft Power BI integration

Create powerful reports in Microsoft Power BI using any data from your Tidal Control platform. The integration is easily setup and provides real-time updating of the dashboard. And the Tidal GraphQL API enables virtually limitless flexibility to create new data insights.

Policy management (Alpha)

Policy management is our latest entirely new module. It features the new Policies page, which is the central hub for all Policies gathered through evidence requests or created in Tidal. The Policies page is also where you will find Tidal’s Policy content library with 32 policy documents and other helpful templates specifically tailored to Startups and Scaleups.

Strict mode

We’ve added ‘strict mode’ to Tidal Control. Strict mode uses the user assignments on Controls and Assets to determine access rights on activities, and which notifications will end up in daily digest feeds, amongst others. It separates Contributors (those who need to work on activities but should not update control descriptions) from Owners (those with super powers on the objects they own). Strict mode is an optional global setting.

Customize your workflow with new activity types

We’ve added new activity types and made it possible to define different workflows using these types. For instance, you can now create control walkthroughs, sample selection, evidence requests, and control assessments all from within one plan. And, you can provide different instructions and due dates for each activity type.

Framework References V2

Enhanced look and feel of the framework references functionality. Furthermore we introduced a big improvement to the GDPR references. Also, we’ve made it very easy to add new industry frameworks: Ask us!


We’ve added new user-configurable Microsoft Azure automations, and fixed the Github integration. Behind the scenes, we are working on several less visible updates, which are not quite ready yet, such as improved error handling and automation authentication. We promised an update to the automation roadmap in our last quarterly blog, but that will have to wait to the next blog!

In the next issue we’ll tell you more about upcoming addition of KPIs to pages, the new “Actions” features, Automations, and further updates to Risk management and Policy management. Stay tuned!

- Written by Dennis van de Wiel, Founder