Product updates

What’s new | Q1 2023

In this second edition of our Quarterly Product Update series we are eager to share three new developments we’ve been working on in the past months. All three are fundamental building blocks that, now that they’re live, open up a myriad of opportunities for more automations, flexibility, and overall experience improvements. Happy reading!

Automation Library V1

The biggest and most important update of the three: You can now select ‘out of the box’ automations through the Tidal UI. And, you’ll be able to setup and control which software Tidal may access from the settings screen. This is a great leap forward for us, as we can now focus on building standard connectors that everyone can use. Automations set up this way will automatically run upon activity creation. Automatic evidence!

User roles

When it comes to compliance, not everyone in the company requires the same access to Tidal Control. Which is why we are introducing Viewer, Administrator and Super User roles to Tidal. Viewers will be able to view, but won’t be able to update or delete data. Administrators will be able to update and delete data, but won’t be able to create or update user settings. Super Users have unrestricted access. The Viewer role is also well suited for providing access to Auditors and other external parties. In the coming period we’ll be working on the Admin UI to make it even easier to assign and update user rights.

Activity user interface upgrade

We have introduced Tabs in the Activity screen to create a cleaner interface that is easier to navigate. The Linked Executions have been moved to their own tab, and the Feed has been separated from the Conversation. We have also aligned the use of the Activity icons so that Execution and Assessment activities can easily be recognised from anywhere in the app. We are particularly proud of the fact that we were able to implement these changes without sacrificing the information you see on the screen.

- Written by Dennis van de Wiel, Founder