Product updates

What’s new - Kickstart edition

The Tidal Control platform has gone through several major updates in the last months and we’re speeding up! We felt the time was right to start sharing and taking you along all the new features and modules we are introducing to make your compliance journey simpler, more powerful, and (even) more automated. We are excited to share with you this first edition of this new Quarterly Product Update series, with a double launch edition featuring updates from the past 6 months. Happy reading!

Risk Management module

We can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since we launched the Risk management module in Tidal Control. Our risk assessment module enables you to identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks, providing a clear and concise overview of your organisation’s risk profile. Assigning controls to risks is a piece of cake, helping you to make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively. Don’t know where to start? Then you will love to hear that we have included several leading risk registers as standard content in the Tidal Content Library.

Create your own data integrations

As part of our open API architecture we introduced the first version of our Command Line Interface (CLI) and Software Development Kit (SDK). With the CLI and SDK you can setup your own data exchanges with Tidal – if you know how to code. You can use it to create your own control automations, or to import controls in Tidal programmatically. The possibilities are endless. Next step is to bring this functionality to the front-end, and publishing the library of evidence collectors.

Dashboard enhancements

You can now analyse progress of audits and effectiveness for all your controls from within Tidal Control’s Dashboard page. The control effectiveness is based on the (latest) effectiveness score on Assessment activities. The dashboard page has also been upgraded with interactive filters as well as providing more insights in ongoing activities. You can use the pie charts to switch between controls and activities.

Track effectiveness over time and across teams & software

We have also added an ‘Effectiveness’ tab to the Control details view. The Effectiveness tab drills down into a single control, adding a level of granularity in addition to the dashboard. You can track control effectiveness over time and across different teams, processes and software tools (assets).

Linking and uploading evidence

We already offered direct linking of evidence from Tidal Control with hyperlinks, but now we also allow secure upload and storage of evidence and other documents directly in Tidal Control itself. You can upload any file type, and file uploads are logged in the Feed. External services can also send evidence and other documents directly to Tidal Control.

Perfect audit trails

We introduced the ‘Feed’ tab in every Tidal entity (Asset, Control, Plan, Risk) as well as the Activity page. The feed tab logs all changes to the entity or activity since its creation. It helps you understand what was done in Tidal Control, when and by whom.

- Written by Dennis van de Wiel, Founder

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