Risk Assessment

Identify, evaluate, and monitor risks to understand your exposure to threats, and to determine which measures to implement and where. Risk assessments bring awareness, help to focus measures, and reduce incidents. They are also often a legal or compliance requirement.

Stay on top of your risks

Discover how Tidal Control’s Risk management module streamlines risk assessments, and creates clarity and insight through connecting risks with controls, business processes, assets, and test results.

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Everything you need

Flexible data model

Import existing Risk registers into Tidal Control or start from scratch. Labels and risk scenarios are already setup!

Link Controls & Assets

Link risks to controls and assets to give context and relevance to your risks. Report on your risk exposure, and focus where to implement controls.

Evaluate Risks

Schedule risk assessment activities for real-time and updated insights, and to have a record to demonstrate an awareness of Risk in the organisation.

Tidal Content library

Tidal Control’s content library has predefined risks for all supported compliance frameworks. Risk labels and links to controls are already setup!

Export risk data

Real-time insights in your Risk assessment(s) and any gaps in Risk coverage. Export your data to any dashboarding tool with the Tidal open API.

Monitor risk updates

The Audit Trail logs updates to risks just as any other data in Tidal, allowing you to track changes to your data.